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WJH Annual Meeting 2017

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Woodland Junior Hawks
Woodland Jr. Hawks Annual Meeting Notice
Date: Thursday 2/23/2017
Where: Prospect Town Hall (lower level)
Time: 6:00pm

The purpose of the Annual Meeting is to elect and install new Executive Board and Board of Directors positions, the reading of the Equipment Manager’s ending inventory report, and the Treasurer’s Final Annual report.
Active members are invited to this meeting and are eligible to run for, nominate, second, and vote for Executive Board and Board of Directors positions. A member is defined in our bylaws as:

Article 5: Membership
(5.1) A member is defined as a parent or legal guardian who has paid registration and whose child is actively participating in cheerleading, football, or flag football. An active registration is defined as being active during the timeframe of July 1 through June 30 of the current playing season. In addition, coaching staff and other adult volunteers (volunteers who may not have a child participating), approved by the Executive Board, are also members.
*POINT OF CLARIFICATION: The timeframe is July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017

The positions open for election this year as per our bylaws are:

Executive Board
• President
• Secretary (for year 2 of existing 2yr term)
• Treasurer

Board of Directors

The Woodland Jr. Hawks bylaws are available on our website listed under documents and forms.

If you have any questions, please send them by email to

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Instructions on printing forms!!

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Please visit our website, and click on “on line registration” link on the left. On the next page Click the green Login button on the upper right side of the page then enter your email and password. You will then see your childs name and to the right you will see “Print Forms”. Click that link and print out the “Official AYF Player Pack”

This pack includes the following forms:

Code of conduct

concussion acknowledgement

emergency medical treatment

image release

medical clearance (must be signed, stamped and dated by childs doctor) Physical is NOT needed!

Participation and ID (PAGE 2 ONLY!)

waiver and release

We also need a copy of your childs FINAL report card and a copy of their birth certificate if they did not participate last year


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Football & Cheer

Lasting friendships!

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