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Looking to participate in a sport that requires skill, strength, strategic thinking and the desire to play as part of a team?  Whatever level you play at, football and cheer can enhance your life, improving fitness, strength, and coordination.

Whether you are looking to play in our Hawk Ball flag football program (grades K-2),  play in our tackle football league (grades 3-8) , or participate in cheer (grades K-8).... you'll find our organization to be a great place to learn new skills and meet new friends.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)



Q. What is needed at signup time?

A. Registration fee is due at signup.  All paperwork will be collected before your first practice.


Q.  Can payment plans be arranged?

A.  Yes.  Register for payment plan during registration or contact your League Representative to make other arrangements.  


Q. When are signups?

 Sign ups can be done online through the Registration tab.   Contact your League Representative if unable to sign up online. 


Q. What if I missed signups?

A. The Woodland Jr Hawks allow signups at anytime prior to the start of practice.  Additional sign ups will be accepted late with clearance by the Board.


Q. When is Equipment handed out?

A. Equipment hand out happens at the end of July just before practice starts.  All paperwork must be completed and handed in prior to a player receiving equipment.


Q. What is needed before season starts?

A. Please bring the following to equipment handout in July:

- All printed and signed registration forms

- Medical clearance form signed, dated and stamped by your child’s physician

- Copy of player(s) birth certificate(s)

- Copy of your childs FINAL report card of the prior school year in its entirety


Q. What is the Woodland Jr Hawk Refund Policy?

A. Refunds are handled on a case by case basis


Q. When are the practice times?

A.  Tackle teams will usually practice four times per week.  Times/locations to be determined once teams set.

Flag teams will usually practice twice during the week.  Times/locations to be determined once teams set.

For cheer teams, coaches will notify parents what days and times practices will be held


Q. Where are the Football practices?

A. The majority of teams will practice at Town Hall Field, Caplan Field, Canfield Field, or Beacon Falls Rec Park.  Head coaches will notify their team of where practices will be held.  See our faciities page for addresses.


Q. Where are the Cheerleading Practices?

A. The majority of cheer practices are held at Caplan Field or Beacon Falls Rec but are subject to change.  Head coaches will notify their teams of where practices will be held.   


Q. What Football Team will my son play for?

A. Tackle teams are drafted by grade levels:    

Division A= 7th/8th graders   

Division B= 5th/6th graders   

Division C= 3rd/4th graders  


Hawk Ball Flag teams will be drafted for players in grades K-2.


Q. What Cheer Squad will my daughter be on.

A. Teams are age based and will be determined by Head coach after signups are completed based on a combination of registration numbers and experience.


Q. If I need equipment to be replaced or re-fitted who do I contact?

A. Equipment coordinator found under the "About Us" - board members link


Q. How do I contact the Woodland Jr Hawk Board?

A. Please go to "About Us" tab and review the Board Members list for contact information.


Q. Will I have to work in the concession stand?

A.   As a member of the Woodland Jr Hawks Community it is your duty to be a role model to your child and work in the concession stand one time during the season. Please help the league out so we do not have the same people working in the concession stand every week. We all have children at some level in the program so please put your time in to support the league.



Q. What can I do if I have a problem with the coach?

A. Speak with the coach BEFORE or AFTER practice and NOT during practice. If you feel that the answer you were given was not correct then contact the Woodland Jr Hawks President and it will be handled in the proper manner. If you have not approached the coach first you will be asked to go back and do that first. If you feel you can not approach the coach on your own then the board will arrange a meeting for all parties involved.


Q. If your child is injured during practice or a game what should you do?

A. The coaches will respond first and evaluate the player. If they determine he/she needs more help then the EMT will be called to examine your child and he/she will determine the next steps with the parent or guardian's consent.


Q. When returning to Football or Cheerleading from an injury or other medical condition what should I bring to the coach?

A. You need to bring a resume to practice medical clearance form signed by the doctors office stating that your child is cleared to continue playing Football or to Cheer.  Medical clearance forms can be obtained from your team mom.